Students are encouraged to get active during recess, on intramural teams and on our school athletic teams. 

Participation on Grade 1 to 3 teams is all inclusive, with every child being given the opportunity to participate.  At sporting events, scores are not kept and the student focus is on active participation and good sportsmanship.

Participation on Grade 4 to 8 teams is determined through tryouts and criteria established by the coach.  These teams tend to be more competitive in nature and the focus is on skill development and school representation.

Students chosen to represent all school teams must be students in good standing. Team shirts and equipment used by the teams are to be properly cared for and returned to the school immediately following each sporting event.

MESAA (Madawaska Elementary School Athletic Association)

The Madawaska Family of Schools runs many inter school athletic opportunities for students to participate in.  Events are held at various host schools.  The MESAA Association is very active.

Palmer Rapids Hosts The Following Tournaments

  •  Junior Soccer (Grade 4-6)
  • Primary Floor Hockey (Grade 1-3)

  • Junior Floor Hockey (Grade 4-6)

  • Intermediate 3 Pitch (Grade 7-8)

MESAA Events

  1. Partridge Run (Grade 1-8) - September
  2. Primary Soccer (Grade 1-3) - October

  3. Junior Soccer (Grade 4-6) - October
  4. Intermediate Soccer (Grade 7-8) - October
  5. Intermediate Frugby (Grade 7-8) - November
  6. Intermediate Basketball (Grade 7-8) - December
  7. Intermediate Broomball (Grade 7-8) - January
  8. Primary Floor Hockey (Grade 1-3) - February

  9. Junior Floor Hockey (Grade 4-6) - February

  10. Intermediate Volleyball (Grade 7-8) - March
  11. Intermediate Ultimate Frisbee (Grade 7-8) - May
  12. Junior - Intermediate Track & Field (Grade 4-8) - June
  13. Primary T-Ball (Grade 1-3) - June
  14. Intermediate 3 Pitch (Grade 7-8) - June

Palmer Rapids Outdoor Educational Opportunities

  • Skating Program (Grades JK-8)
  • Downhill Skiing (Grades 4-8)