The property for the first school was donated by James & Susan Murphy in 1890. It was located at the top of the Hill.  It was called the SS8.  Approximately 25 children attended this one room school house.  It ran from grade 1 to 8.

1952 - A two room school house was built in what is now known as Palmer Rapids Public School.

1958-1960 - The first addition (2 classrooms, washrooms, and a staff room) was added.

1970 - The second addition (gymnasium, library, Kindergarten room and 5 classrooms) was added.

Currently the school is home to 130 children, across 6 classrooms, ranging from full day, every day Kindergarten to Grade 8.


Old Programme

Click image above to see the historic programme from the official opening of the expanded Palmer Rapids Public School - November 22, 1970