Pride Month: A Commitment to Equity & Anti-Oppression

Posted on Thursday June 01, 2023
RCDSB Pride Flag

Pride Month: A Commitment to Equity & Anti-Oppression

The Renfrew County District School Board is committed to identifying and
eliminating all forms of discrimination and removing barriers to success for
students, staff and school communities, regardless of race, ethnicity, citizenship,

sexual orientation, gender or faith identity.

As June is Pride Month, the RCDSB strives for a learning environment and workplace that lays the
foundation for excellence and well-being for all. This can only be accomplished when we affirm,
include and value all identities. Everyone must feel.that they matter and belong to reach their fullest

The RCDSB has adopted many practices, procedures and policies that reflect both care and
commitment to equity, anti-oppression and anti-racism. We regularly seek feedback on ways to fully
realize the intent of this work.

A key element of our ongoing dedication and diligence to equity & anti-oppression includes a duty to
protect all students, staff and families from discrimination based on the protected grounds set out in
the Ontario Human Rights Code. In doing so, we seek to disrupt systems of oppression that are both
historic and currently at play in our system.

Today, in our schools and in society, we are witnessing a rise of hate based discrimination including:
• Anti-2SLGBTQI+
• Anti-Semitism
• Anti-Black racism
• Anti-Indigenous racism
• Anti-Asian racism
• Islamophobia

The RCDSB will continue to intentionally and purposefully support members of these, and other,
underserved and marginalized groups.

Our commitment is to fundamentally respect, affirm and value all people within the
organization and surrounding communities.