Ontario Student Records (OSR)

The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is the record of a student's educational progress through schools in Ontario. The Education Act requires that the principal of a school collect information "for inclusion in a record in respect of each pupil enrolled in the school and to establish, maintain, retain, transfer and dispose of the record".

The principal and teachers use the OSR to improve instruction for each student. The records are confidential and students and their parents/guardians (if the student is under 18 years of age) have the right to review its contents.

An OSR contains the following components:

  • Report cards
  • An Ontario Student Transcript, where applicable
  • A documentation file, where applicable
  • An office index card
  • Additional information identified as being conducive to the improvement of the instruction of the student

Visit the Ontario Ministry of Education - Ontario Student Record (OSR) Guideline for additional information.